MEGASTARZ Gohan’s First Interview

Is there a foreign language group, singer, or rapper that has inspired you to sing, dance, and/or rap, and why?
My favorite foreign group would have to be JYJ.
Who’s your favorite non-foreign language group, singer, or rapper, and why? (who performs in English)
Besides my best friend Kēi, I like listening to Smokey Robinson and Chris Brown. 
1. If you could meet any celebrity or could have met, who would that be? (living or non-living)
Smokey Robinson. 
2. Who has made the biggest impact on your life and why?
   Kēi because without him I wouldn’t have been in this group. He’s the reason I have a chance to be someone and La Tray.
3. Where do you want to see your group be in a year? 
 Hopefully doing an interview with Ellen.  
4. Do you enjoy writing song/rap lyrics, composing music, or both?
5. When did your love for dancing begin? 
Dancing is what I do best. It’s something I was born to do. 
6. What food dish that you can’t live without?
Gummy Worms. 
7. Are you a morning, afternoon, night, or a night owl person?
Night Owl. 
8. A fire alarm goes off and you must evacuate, what would be the one item you would take with you?
My phone so that I could record all the people panicking for no reason and rewatch to laugh at them later. 
9. Do you like to keep your things neat, messy, or in between?  
I like messy it’s more cozy. 
10. How would you describe your personality? 
 Im very energetic. I have hit a lot of hard times that keeps me confused and want to strive for better. My mom has taught me to always respect others and treat people how you want to be treated.