GOHAN’S Interview On MEGASTARZ Debut Song “Viral”


  1. What’s your favorite lyrics in the second verse of the song and why?   

 “You’re still my favorite disaster” It’s like a person so in love that even through a rocky situation it’s still a situation that’s can’t be undone.


2. If you could give a word for each letter in V-i-r-a-l, what words would you come up with?              

Visiting,Irreplaceable,Rapture,Always, Life.

3. How is it going to feel for you to sing Viral live in front of your fans?

  Unforgettable to see reactions. 

4. How excited are you that Viral is the group’s debut song?   

   First song is always exciting. 

5. What emotions do you think are going to run through you when you see your fans singing along at your concert?  

    May cry tears of joy. lol

6. If you got a tattoo on your back with the song title Viral, what line would that be from the chorus and why?                                       

    Not sure about that one. lol

7.  What do you want your fans to notice about your songwriting style?  

    That everything is unique but it comes from my experiences. 

8. How often do you listen to this song?                                            

Not that often because I’ll look for a mistake. lol

9. What is your family and friend’s feedback of the song?                  

The ones that heard it loved it. 

10. What kind of a message does this song have?    

 Love isn’t always easy but you can fight for what you want and love has no limitations.

11. What do you hope to achieve with this song?                             Hopefully it will go viral. lol 

12. What was it like for you to work with singer Jermhi?                      

It’s the best when you’re working with someone that’s close to you like a big brother. 

13. How does Jermhi’s voice help with this song?                                     His talent is out of this world. It put more ear candy and blended great 

14. Can you relate to the song?          

In more ways then one. 

15. What are the 3 main reasons your fans should watch the lyric video?

Because I’m in it lmao, hopefully they can relate to what we’re talking about and again because I’m in it. lol


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