KĒI’S Interview On MEGASTARZ Debut Song “Viral”



  1. Since you are the main songwriter for “Viral,” how did the song inspire you to write it?

I thought about the love I have for myself and I thought to myself they’re people out there that might love one another that much also. 

2. When you came up with this song, how did your group members respond to it?

Anything I come up with they love because I never go wrong with ideas.

3. Can you describe the genre of this song or music style? 


4. How long did the song take the group to complete it?

Two Days.

5. How do you want your fans to get to know your songwriting skills?

Once they hear the music they’ll be automatically inspired.

6. What came first, the music, the lyrics, the idea? 

The music always inspires me first.

7. What can your fans expect to see from the Viral music video?

Amazing work thought of by me mostly and good choreography from GOHAN.

8. Is Viral from personal experience, about someone that you know, or it’s just a song idea? 

Just personal experience of myself.

9. What is the topic of this song? 

Inspirations love that’s hard to get to.

10. Do you ever feel any pressure from being the group principal member, what is your role, what do you do?

No pressure at all. I can take on anything. I’m responsible for making my members perfect.

11.  What do you want to accomplish with this song?

Great feedback is always good.

12. What’s your favorite line in the chorus and why? 

“Where do you hide, are you flying in the sky so high” It’s passionate to me because I think of people that might have a crush on me that can’t get to me.

13. How do you think this song will help the group succeed?

Because with my high vocal skills, we will be grabbing the attention of real music lovers.

14. Why do you want your fans to stream, download, or listen to Viral?

 It’s a love song that a lot of people can relate to and plus I’m on it which is the biggest key.

15. Is there anything else that you would like for your fans to know about Viral?

Just listen to it, relate and support the lead singer (me).

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