TÂUREANBULL ENTERTAINMENT is accepting submissions for singers, rappers, and dancers to form boy groups in the future. However, only talent in the San Francisco Bay Area / Northern California will be considered. If you are interested in starting out with a new company and starting from the bottom to stardom and earn as you go along with your career then follow the instructions by clicking on the link. https://la-tray.com/taureanbull/submissions/

Thank you for your interest in TÂUREANBULL ENTERTAINMENT

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If you dream about being in a Kpop boy group; for instance, Astro, GOT7, Monsta X, or any other talented and incredible groups then consider this new small company with big visions.

Looking For: Kpop Male Singers To Be Put In Two Separate Groups.

Blog: Kpop Auditions: “No Training Fees” For The First Two Groups Signed

Blog: Kpop Auditions: No “Recouping” / No “Break Even”

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Monday March 25, 2019


There will be “no recouping”/ “no break even” with the first two groups that get signed to the company which means the band members will not be in debt with the company. No money is to be paid back. The band members will be 100% funded and the company will only begin to take its share when the groups receive earnings which will be fair.

The company is based in Northern California.