MEGASTARZ will be introduced one by one. The group will consist of 4 members and there will be a two-part teaser of each member released as time goes on. Their anticipated debut will happen later this year in 2019. What makes this Kpop boy group unique? This Kpop boy group will debut in the States. That’s Los Angeles, California.

This will be the first Kpop boy group as well as the first group for TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT. Are you ready for this group?


The most asked question for this company, will this company will ever have auditions for girl groups? Yes. There will be a blog and social media announcements for auditions. However; that will be a while as the company is focusing on the first ever Kpop boy group as well as the first group for the company.

“Photos For Fans” will be created when the Kpop Boy Group is completely formed, fans will be able to take the photos from the photo gallery called, “Photos For Fans” and create fan accounts. Thank you for your early support!

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Monday March 25, 2019

For the first two Kpop male groups that get signed will NOT pay for training fees. Training will not take years to debut because it will only be a mini-training with vocals, dancing, and etc…

The groups will consist of five members in the group of two.

The company is based in California.


So if this sounds good then click on this link: