Lookout for the 6’2″ Singer and Model Jermhi who will be featured on MEGASTARZ first single, “Viral” and the music video as he lends his talented voice to the R&B style song as well as joining the group to perform cover songs by TVXQ “Tonight” and “Before You Go” as a tribute to the legendary group/duo that can be viewed on YouTube later. 

Although, Jermhi only lends his beautiful vocals to the background of “Viral,” however; this dreamboat will be featured in the music video and will have more of a singing role when the group performs their tribute cover songs by TVXQ. 

Catch Jermhi in the upcoming web series as a background actor presented by Tillman Entertainment



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Get ready for the first group under TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT, MEGASTARZ, will debut their first single “Viral” with a lyric video on October 31, 2019 that consist of 3 members, KĒI, DANEYI, and GOHAN featuring singer and model  Jermhi

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MEGASTARZ consists of 3 members; the group leader and lead singer, Kēi, the main singer, Daneyi, and lead dancer Gohan. 

The members are working on completing the entire process of their songs that is yet to be released this year in 2019. 

The group is the first Kpop boy group under TÂUREANBULL ENTERTAINMENT.

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