Q. What is the auditioning process?

A. There are only 2 rounds; Round 1 is your main interest or interests (singing, dancing, rapping, or visual) then submit a 1-minute video showcasing your talent as well as the audition form to fill out, and a photo. If you pass "Round 1" then you move on to the "Final Round" which are questions to answer and submit. Finally, if you pass the "Final Round" which is based on your answers then you will be contacted via email on the next step to signing to the company, training and preparing for your dream. All forms and videos are submitted via email. Good luck to all auditioners!


Q. What does the mini-training consist of?

A. Dancing, Singing, Acting, Media Etiquette, Language Training.

Q. How long will it take to debut?

A. It will be within months not years.

Q. Is there a training facility?

A. Not at the moment. However, trainees will be trained at another place, such as; at a dance studio for example.

Q. Is there a training fee?

A. Not for the first 2 groups signed.

Q. Is there a break-even debt to pay back the company?

A. Not for the first 2 groups signed.

Q. What if I'm under 18, can I audition?

A. Yes. However, you must get your parent/guardian's permission as well as signing your audition form.

Q. What if I'm under 18, can I become a trainee?

A. It's easier if you are at least 17, passed "Round 1," passed the "Final Audition," live in the Los Angeles area "ONLY" and able to get your parent/guardian's permission to train.

Q. If I'm 17, how long will my training hours be?

A. Since you are a minor, you will need your parent/guardian's permission to train; however, the hours and days will be limited.

Q. How old do I have to be to sign the contract to have a music career?

A. It's preferred that you are age 18.

Q. Can I audition to be in a girl group?

A. Not accepting auditions for a girl group at the moment.

Q. For photo submissions, is there a particular angle is required?

A. No. Just as long as you can be seen clearly.

Q. Do you accept other talents that are fluent in another foreign language?

A. Yes. However, you must be fluent in English as well.

Q. Why do I need to be fluent in English?

A. So that the company can communicate with the talent.

Q. Does this company pay for my trip to audition and train?

A. Unfortunately, the company does not pay for trips to audition or to train. Auditions are via email.

Q. What if I live in a foreign country, can I become a trainee?

A. Yes. However, the company does not pay for plane tickets or any other travel arrangments to the States.

Q. What if I don't have money to travel to the States?

A. Unfortunately, the company does not provide advice on money issues.

Q. Where will the groups/artists will be promoted?

A. All media outlets, including, the company's YouTube TV channel that will be launched soon.

Q. Will the group have any accommodations?

A. Yes. The accommodations list will be sent to the person's email providing they have passed the final round.

Q. Will there be a meeting between groups/artists and the company before training?

A. Yes. The first meeting will always be conducted before training in order to meet and be given a presentation on the entire process.

*The "Questions and Answers" is subject to change and be updated at any time.