Audition Form


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What to do?

  • For Singers: Submit a 1-minute video of a cover song singing, a photo, and the audition form.
  • For Dancers: Submit a 1-minute video dancing, a photo, and the audition form.
  • For Rappers: Submit a 1-minute video rapping, a photo, and the audition form.
  • For Visuals: Submit 3 photos of different poses and the audition form.
  • Multiple Talents: Submit less than 3-minute video showcasing all of your talents from the list above, a photo, and the audition form.

Where to send all of your audition documents?

  • Submit all documents to:
  • Email Subject: Example >>> Kpop, Jpop, Cpop, French pop, Spanish (Spop), R&B, Pop, etc..


  • Submit in the language that you are auditioning for. Please follow the instructions above.
  • If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian's permission to sign or fill out any forms.
  • *Email Video Audition*

The company is based in the Los Angeles area.


Thank you for your interest in TAURUS THE BULL ENTERTAINMENT.

Audition Steps: Round 1